Jarrad Davis

2017 NFL Draft: Week Four Scouting Match-Up Preview

With a full swing of conference games, match-ups consist of top ranked battles between players including Texas A&M top-billed pass rushers lining up opposite of Arkansas’s Dan Skipper and Tennessee’s expected rushing attack versus the instinctive and speedy Jarrad Davis of Florida. Those are just two match-ups of many that you should keep an eye […]


Quantifying Quarterbacks: Chad Kelly Falls Flat Against Alabama

No.19 ranked Ole Miss hosting No.1 ranked Alabama was the biggest game of the weekend. Major implications for the SEC West title were on the line for this game, as were Ole Miss’s hopes for a national championship. The Rebels needed to dethrone Alabama to keep their playoff dreams alive.


2017 NFL Draft: Week Three Scouting Match-Up Preview

An attractive set of contests is back in play this weekend with four games consisting of ranked versus ranked teams. With conference play in full swing now, we are spoiled with scouting matchups galore across the country. Here are some players to watch and matchups to highlight this weekend with a focus on draft-eligible players. By: Christian […]


Quantifying Quarterbacks: Cooper Rush Gains Signature Win over Oklahoma State

In one of the most controversial, mismanaged turn of events in recent memory, Cooper Rush threw a hail mary that turned into a hook-and-ladder play to put away a ranked Oklahoma State team. Rush will have an asterisk next to this critical victory, but that is somewhat unfair to him. As undeserving as the opportunity […]


2017 NFL Draft: Week Two Scouting Match-Up Preview

We were spoiled with Week One matchups as the weekend was described as the “best opening weekend ever” and it did not disappoint. The matchups do not scream high rating this week but that doesn’t mean competitive battles are not in the works.


Quantifying Quarterbacks: Tempering Expectations on Houston’s Greg Ward

2015 was a monumental season for the Houston Cougars. First-year head coach Tom Herman lead them to a near undefeated season, but he wanted more in 2016. With an offense lead by athlete turned quarterback Greg Ward Jr., Herman wanted to come out swinging in week one, scheduling an Oklahoma team ranked in the top […]


2017 NFL Draft: Week One Scouting Match-Up Preview

I started off with this sentence in last year’s Week One Preview and I will repeat it for the start of the 2016 college football season: “The opening weekend of college football is finally here and we are welcomed with a plethora of attention-grabbing games with big-named teams with plenty of next-level talent.”


Quantifying Quarterbacks, Pre-Season: Miami’s Brad Kaaya, the Divisive Prospect

Brad Kaaya is one of many victims of Miami’s Al Golden era. While at Miami, Golden mishandled a number of players, ran bland systems on both sides of the ball and severely underperformed at one of the nation’s most prestigious football programs. It was a miserable five year stretch for all parties involved, especially Kaaya, […]


Quantifying Quarterbacks, Pre-Season: Mason Rudolph is Ready for the Spotlight

Mason Rudolph is a soon-to-be star of the 2017 draft class. It was tough for Rudolph to grab the attention of national media circles because Oklahoma State stole many of his touchdowns and gift wrapped them as quarterback runs, screen passes or touch passes for JW Walsh. Despite Rudolph being the starting quarterback in 2015, […]


Contract-Year Motivation, Quantified: Linebackers

I’m getting pretty confident in my hypothesis by now: players tend to try a lot harder when money is on the line, and they slack off when it’s not. This aspect of the game is frequently talked about, but almost never annualized using real data. That’s my goal. Last time, we looked at pass rushers. […]


NFL Contract Talk: Why Fletcher Cox’s New Contract May Hurt the Eagles Long-Term

  As you’ve no doubt heard, Fletcher Cox just signed a mammoth deal with the Philadelphia Eagles. The contract extension totals $102.6 million over six years and makes Cox the highest paid defensive player in terms of total guarantees ($63 million) and the second highest paid defensive player in terms of average annual compensation (only […]


Contract Year Motivation, Quantified: A Wide Receiver Study

Whether you are an NFL team looking for contracts analysis, a fan looking for fantasy football players to target, or both (though I’m pretty sure that’s illegal), this article is for you. We are talking about what happens to players – specifically wide receivers – before, during, and after their contract years. The results are […]