Allen Robinson

2014 NFL Draft Big Board: April 23rd Update

The draft is just two weeks away, and our teams’ draft grades are being finalized. This Big Board includes underclassmen that have declared for the 2014 draft officially. Also, we never include quarterbacks in our rankings, as the position is too different from the others to be “ranked” with every position. Rankings QB – RB […]


2014 NFL Draft: Quick Hits on 30 Players Invited to Radio City for Draft

On Tuesday, a list of prospects attending Radio City for the draft was published. In all, thirty players will be attending, with notable non-attendees such as Anthony Barr, Derek Carr, Aaron Donald, and Darqueze Dennard. When looking into the other players, though, there’s a very real chance that the vast majority of them go in […]


State of the Draft: Browns Quarterback Dilemma, Garoppolo/McCarron Value, Mike Evans Projection and More

We’re a little less than a month away from the draft, but there’s still quite a bit teams need to gather about the prospects they’re considering drafting in early May. Private workouts are finishing up, final scouting reports are being reviewed and team-by-team draft projections are being finalized for every NFL franchise. Where the quarterbacks […]


2014 NFL Mock Draft: April 9th Update

We’re just a month out of the 2014 NFL Draft, and things are beginning to become clearer as to where players might fall, which teams are targeting which positions and just how far these quarterbacks may fall. The Texans move away from a quarterback first overall, two quarterbacks still land in the top-10 and Mike […]

Character Check: Running Back Isaiah Crowell

It could very well be that the best pure runner may go completely undrafted, with the talented Isaiah Crowell of Alabama State entering the NFL draft after cutting short an otherwise promising beginning to his NFL career. When it comes to the plurality of running back skills—patience, vision, power, etc.—Crowell checks off nearly every box […]

Johnny Manziel Pro Day: He Exceeds Expectations, but Excitement Should Be Tempered

Yesterday, ESPN and NFL Network turned a single player’s Pro Day into the single most talked about post-season event in this year’s draft season. Johnny Manziel drew heavy media and NFL attention, aiding to the “Where is Manziel going” narrative that has become the over-arching story over every other prospect. Our friends at RosterWatch have […]

2014 NFL Draft: Evaluating the Top 25 Small School Prospects

They don’t get much, if any, love throughout the regular season and are generally thought of as after-thoughts at All-Star games, but small school prospects have emerged as a key part of the scouting process. Having a keen eye for small schoolers who can make a big impact has guided teams like the Ravens to […]

2014 NFL Draft: USC, Alabama Lead Packed March 12th Pro Days

Free Agency continues to dominate the NFL headlines, but savvy fans know that it takes all different kinds to win in the NFL, and a number of key front office personnel have been around the country for one of the busiest Pro Days of the year. Alabama worked out a number of very good prospects […]