NFL Contract Talk: Why Fletcher Cox’s New Contract May Hurt the Eagles Long-Term

  As you’ve no doubt heard, Fletcher Cox just signed a mammoth deal with the Philadelphia Eagles. The contract extension totals $102.6 million over six years and makes Cox the highest paid defensive player in terms of total guarantees ($63 million) and the second highest paid defensive player in terms of average annual compensation (only […]


Contract Year Motivation, Quantified: A Wide Receiver Study

Whether you are an NFL team looking for contracts analysis, a fan looking for fantasy football players to target, or both (though I’m pretty sure that’s illegal), this article is for you. We are talking about what happens to players – specifically wide receivers – before, during, and after their contract years. The results are […]

2016 Fantasy Football: Top-50 Rookie Rankings, Projections and Sleepers

We’re still a ways away from solving training camp battles, understanding rookies’ roles and plans from coaching staffs and navigating through the remainder of free agent signings and training camp cuts. But with rookie drafts already starting up and to provide a starting point for rookie expectations, I’ve ranked the top 50 rookies in terms of […]


Chase Daniel, Connor Cook and the Rising Value of Drafting Backup Quarterbacks

Historically, quarterbacks picked after the third round haven’t found much NFL success. Sure, there are outliers like Tom Brady and Marc Bulger who are quickly groomed into plus NFL starters despite being Day 3 picks. But for the most part, fishing for a starting QB after the second or third round is a fruitless exercise.

2016 NFL Draft: Dream Bowl Players Poised to Make NFL Rosters

With six NFL teams along with other professional league scouts, the Dream Bowl began to build on positive momentum the last two years that Optimum Scouting has been a part of it. Having multiple teams attend and seeing their efforts rewarded by finding small school talent for their rosters is a great step forward for […]


2016 NFL Draft Review: Jaguars Lead Winners, Browns Lead Losers in AFC Review

Every year the draft shakes out much differently than we expect.  The draft boards of NFL teams differ significantly from the draft analysts in the media and that leaves us thinking some teams are significant winners and others blew their picks.  In reality most teams end up falling somewhere in between.  Even so, here are […]


2016 NFL Draft: Top-200 Prospects Available for Day 3

While quarterbacks aren’t on included on this list, surprising names like Connor Cook and Cardale Jones slipped to Day 3 of the draft, some of our favorites like Tavon Young, Alex Collins and Kenneth Dixon are still available for Day 3 as well. Here’s our Top-200 Players left for Day 3 of the draft.


2016 NFL Mock Draft: Day 2 Projections Rounds Two and Three

While Day 2 of the draft is five times harder to project than the first-round, I’ve done my best to match teams and players, focusing on what I’ve heard, value and need, in that order. There’s an asterisk next to the team-player fits I’m most confident in, 12 in total.


2016 NFL Draft: Looking at Why Laremy Tunsil Fell to Miami at 13

Regarded as one of the top players in the entire draft class, former Ole Miss offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil fell out of the top 10 into the lap of Miami. Not being viewed as a team with offensive tackle as a primary need, the Dolphins embodied the draft strategy of taking the best player available […]