2011 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Anthony Castanzo

Anthony CostanzoI came into the season with high expecations about Costanzo, and I must say I was somewhat disappointed. Granted, he did a good job against Top 5 prospect Da’Quan Bowers this season and looked better as the season went on, but he did not play with the fire and temperment expected out of most Boston College offensive linemen.

But the question mark on if he’s a left tackle or a right tackle prospect could have a lot to do on whether he’s a Top 15 talent or a fringe to out of 1st round material come the 2011 NFL Draft.

Costanzo is not your typical mean, tough, nasty Boston College offensive lineman – he is more of a finesse player who wins with his athleticism and technique. He has worked his way up from a prep tight end into one of the top offensive tackle prospects in the nation.

Costanzo has started every game of his 4 year career and has no injury history to speak of. Extremely smart and by all accounts a hard worker both on and off the field. He does not offer too much in terms of versatility as he will be out of place as a Guard due to his lack of core strength and take-on ability versus bigger strong defenders, and must continue to add bulk and strength while maintaining quickness and agility to combat NFL pass rushers and be an asset in the run game.

Costanzo lacks the desired intensity one would like an Offensive Lineman to have and you wish he would play with more fire and toughness. He lacks core and lower body strength and will need to develop this to be able to handle the rigors of facing bigger, stronger, faster defenders in the NFL. He does show good awareness and is assignment sound; will also move on to the next defender as the play continues. He’s quick off the snap in both pass pro and run blocking.He will take defenders wide and then double back and take on another defender, and shows good reaction.

Costanzo is definitely an above average athlete for the Left Tackle position with great feet and athleticism, and he should be able to handle most pass rushers speed on the next level. However, his lack of strength and take on ability could be a detriment in the run game and he will get pushed back by stronger defenders. He shows the ability to get out to the second level and lock on and take on defenders.

He plays with sound technique. Long arms allow him to keep defenders off him when he gets them extended. With the premium placed on athletic Left Tackles in today’s quarterback driven league – he has the chance to be overdrafted. He’s a late 1st Round prospect who could be very good if he adds strength and a mean streak.