Optimum Scouting Department

Optimum Scouting, LLC is a third party scouting service that works with professional teams, leagues, and others in the professional football area to aid in their prospect research and evaluation. Our scouting staff is comprised of trained, experienced scouts across the country.

Optimum Scouting, LLC was founded eight years ago by myself (Eric Galko) and has grown substantially since then.

While at first we were a mainly NFL Draft prospects scouting service, our reports reached professional teams and other football professionals, as we were asked to do more in-depth reports on non-NFL prospects as well. Since then, we have worked as a consultant with CFL and AFL teams, provided reports for NFL teams, lead scouting efforts for College All-Star games, and consulting on other football-related fronts while also providing unique and in-depth scouting for OptimumScouting.com, Sporting News, National Football Post and TheFootballEducator.com in the form of articles, scouting reports, NFL Draft Guides, and much more

Any questions about Optimum Scouting, radio appearance requests, scouting requests, concerns about OptimumScouting.com or any questions, please feel free to email me personally at EricG@OptimumScouting.com 

Eric Galko
Director of Scouting
Optimum Scouting


Our Scouting Services
If you ever have any questions, comments, requests, or concerns, please don’t hesitate to email at any time at EricG@OptimumScouting.com or use the Contact Us page.  


Joining Our Staff

Our department usually has a few openings every year because of the loss of scouts to usually professional scouting jobs. There is a substantial of work involved, but by working with a group with a common goal in scouting is a way to benefit your abilities as well as build your resume.

If you are interested in applying to join our staff, please send me an email at EricG@OptimumScouting.com or use the Contact Us page.