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2014 Fantasy Football Rankings: Breaking Down the Top 40 Rookies for 2014

Everyone has their strategies for their fantasy teams; taking running backs early, drafting play-makers only, grabbing the best quarterbacks, and probably many other drafting ideas that may or may not lead to success. But if you were one of the smart drafters that got your hands on AJ Green, Doug Martin or Rob Gronkowski, you […]

2014 NFL Draft Team Needs: Quarterback Breakdown

The second in a series of articles focused on team needs by position, I’m taking a look at how teams should approach the most important position on the roster: the quarterback. This series chooses a different approach: we don’t go team-by-team to look at needs, but position-by-position so that we really know how valuable each […]

2014 NFL Draft Team Needs: Offensive Line Breakdown

In the first of a series of articles focused on team needs by position, I'll take a look the offensive line for each team and how many or how few improvements they need to make to consider this off-season a success. Instead of going team-by-team and giving little perspective of how difficult it will be […]

Star Lotulele

Rookie Report: Panthers Defensive Success Starts Upfront With Star Lotulelei

Considered one of the best prospects in the 2013 draft class by most, Star Lotulelei fell on draft day unexpectedly. And despite being the seventh defensive player draft, the Carolina Panthers couldn’t have been happier with the fact that they were able to land a “star” with the 14th pick in the draft. Anchoring one […]

Rookie Report: Ezekiel Ansah Has Taken Lions Defensive Line From Great to Elite

As a college sophomore, Ezekiel Ansah decided to join the BYU football team. Three years and just nine college starts later, the Ghana-born defensive lineman impressed enough to be drafted 5th overall in the 2013 NFL Draft. Still learning as he goes, the elite athlete continues to surpass expectations based on his football experience, leading […]

2013 NFL Scouting: Week Thirteen’s Top Match-ups to Watch and More

  The holidays are nearly upon us, and we're entering the most wonderful time of the NFL season as playoff spots are very much up for grabs. Nearly every game this weekend has playoff implications, and that trend is likely to continue for the next several weeks.  Which match ups are going to ultimately decide […]

2013 NFL Scouting: Week Eleven’s Top Match Ups to Watch and More

Week eleven promises to be one of the more entertaining weeks of the season. All eyes will be on the Monday Night battle between Denver and Kansas City, but there's plenty to watch for Sunday as well. There's a meaningful late season game in Ohio for the first time in recent memory, and two rookie […]

2013 NFL Scouting: Week Nine’s Top Match-ups to Watch and More

Week nine doesn't necessarily have the strongest of match-ups on paper, as there's only one game between two teams with winning records. That doesn't mean this weekend's action is less interesting, however. We're now past the mid point of the season, and that means the battle for wild card spots will really start heating up. […]

2013 NFL Scouting: Mid-Season Rankings of the 2013 Rookie Class

The standard for "evaluating draft classes" is three years, meaning Cam Newton, Jake Locker and company will have their career check after this season. But, in an effort to give an update on how the 2013 rookie class is doing, I've ranked the rookies (both drafted and undrafted). Their ranking is based upon a combination […]