2013 NFL Draft: Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl Preview – Navy vs. Arizona State

Will SuttonWith Navy not having any legitimate NFL talent (at least enough to focus on them and wait the 4 years of service they must do), NFL scouts and fans of the NFL Draft should be focusing heavily on the handful of Arizona State prospects playing today.

Will Sutton, a junior undersized defensive tackle, should be the feature player to watch, but Cameron Marshall, Jamal Miles, and Brandon Magee are have very good chances to be drafted as well.


Notes by Eric Galko and Mark Dulgerian of Optimum Scouting


Cameron Marshall, RB, Arizona State – #6, 5’11, 223

Marshall has seen his production (touches) plummet this season mostly due to a new coaching regime and some youngsters stepping up as emerging stars.  Still, Marshall has a lot of traits that translate to the NFL.  For one, he’s got a thick build and runs with power.  He is adept at running between the tackles showing good patience and toughness to run through first contact.  He flashes some nimbleness once he gets to the second level but he won’t run away from anyone or make a whole lot of guys miss.  Marshall is a north south runner with plus athleticism and brings added value in pass protection.  He projects as a day 3 pick.

Brandon Magee, OLB, Arizona State – #8, 6’0, 230
Magee has spent his career as one of the more underrated defenders in the Pac 10/12.  Last year, he was overshadowed by ILB Vontaze Burfict, now with the Bengals, but many report it was Magee that often kept his defense in order on the field.  He will need to decide if football will be his sport (he was drafted by the Boston Red Sox in the 23rd round) but there is enough to like to think he’s a solid day 3 pick.  He’s undersized, listed at 6 feet, and stalky.  He doesn’t possess top end speed but he’s very agile and gets into his fits quickly.  Magee possesses top end instincts, deciphering for misdirections and play action fakes without taking false steps and rarely playing out of position.  He plays with excellent physicality and is willing to take on blocks head on.  He’s had a very productive season tallying over 100 tackles and 11.5 TFL, including 6.5 sacks.  After the bowl game, scouts will likely get another look at him in a post season all star week.

Jamal Miles, WR, Arizona State – #32, 5’10, 185
Miles is another player on the Sun Devils team that never took that next step as a premier guy, again, likely due to coaching changes.  However, he has been an excellent all-purpose skill player for ASU throughout his career.  He contributes as a running back, receiver, punt returner, and kick returner.  He possesses natural running skills and has excellent start/stop ability picking his way through traffic.  Miles is not a burner, but he can break off long plays if he can make the first guy miss.  Many of his receptions come within 10-12 yards and he wasn’t asked much to run the route tree past that.  He’s an ideal fit in the slot where he can set up his blocks and create yards after the catch. 

Will Sutton, DT, Arizona State – #90, 6’1, 270
Sutton, the 2012 Pac 12 DPOY, is a junior who was a fast riser this year after dominating opponents from the start.  He is a bit undersized but he makes up for it with explosiveness and agility.  He has long arms and shows good hand usage keeping OL out of his pads.  You rarely see him in a stalemate at the line, even against double teams, because he keeps his feet and hands so active.  He’s compact and snaps his hips through contact maximizing upper and lower body power.  He has rare quick twitch ability at his size and has a knack for working underneath his opponents’ pads to win the leverage battle.  There are some recognition questions there, but he’s a premier pass rusher from the DT position with the ability to kick out to end in a 3-4.  He could end up a solid top 50 pick if he stays, but he’s more of a late 2nd early 3rd round guy right now

Navy Players to Watch:
(Scouting Notes from Army vs. Navy Game, via Miami Dolphins Draft)
Keegan Wetzel, OLB – #48, 6’3, 218
Gee Gee Greene, RB – #21, 5’8, 185