2013 NFL Draft: Former Oklahoma State OT Michael Bowie to Transfer to Northeastern State

Michael BowieDespite starting a true freshman quarterback, Oklahoma State was ready to make waves with a developed junior running back, two receivers with plenty of game experience, and a senior-laden offensive line. But now, after a violation of team rules, one of those seniors, left tackle Michael Bowie, will no longer be a Cowboy.

He will instead be playing left tackle next season at Northeastern State after being dismissed from Oklahoma State by head coach Mike Gundy, as reported officially by Optimum Scouting.

And while Oklahoma State is likely very frustrated by losing a senior left tackle with NFL potential, Bowie should be much more concerned, as he’ll have to adapt to a whole new system and still maintain NFL interest as he transfers down.

Despite being just 6’4, Bowie flashed NFL tackle or guard ability during his Oklahoma State career. Thanks to pre-season and 2011 scouting by Optimum Scouting’s own Alex Brown, we have a lengthy report on Bowie’s time with the Oklahoma State scouting-wise.

“Bowie has a developed kick slide that is very effective against speed rushers, and works hard to control the midsection of his pass rushing opponent. He read and reacts to pass rushers very well, exhibiting plus hands and balance out of his pass set. He plays with very good balance and bend and utilizes good hand placement and arm length.

However, he must improve his stamina level, be much more sudden with his inside power step, and fire his hands out quicker in pass protection. He also lacks great power or drive in the run game and is not a great second level, in-space blocker.”  

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As far as his NFL future is concerned, and after answering to NFL teams about his team violations that lead to his dismissal, Bowie will have an uphill climb to show how dominating he can be at the lower levels. He didn’t give up a sack last season, but if he doesn’t repeat that performance and improve his weaknesses as a prospect, teams won’t be willing to bang the table for him until the later rounds.

Our pre-season grades gave Bowie a fourth round grade, meaning we’d feel he’s draftable even if you knock him down a grade for his dismissal and after juniors declare. But that can change if Bowie doesn’t maximize his chances this year at Northeastern State. Bowie shown thus far in his career mean teams will, at worst, give him an extra look at Northeastern State, and it’s up to Bowie to maximize that chance.