2013 BSN Collegiate Showcase: Preview of the Weekend’s Top Prospects

BSN Collegiate ShowcaseIn what is my second year both evaluating for and attending the BSN Collegiate Showcase, it’s awesome to see how well the Combine is run for the players that are here, as well as check out the top small school talent with CFL, AFL, and NFL personnel on hand.

This year has some intriguing depth this year. From high upside talents at linebacker and receiver, to productive running backs and quarterbacks and more, the 2013 BSN Showcase should provide some unique scouting ability for the scouts in attendence.

Full Rosters, Schedule, and More Herehttp://bsncollegiateshowcase.com/

Also, check the site here for the Live Stream, which I’ll be talking throughout the event on.

1. Danny Mason, OLB, Texas A&M Commerce
-A long, rangy, fluid linebacker, Mason has the most NFL upside of any of the prospects here. Ideally a weakside linebacker in a 4-3 defense, he’s confident and composed in space, and chases for tackles very well. I’ll look forward to seeing his initial burst in workouts as well as his use of body in generating force as a stack and shed linebacker.

2. Kaderius Lacey, RB, Alabama A&M
-A physically imposing back with natural size and physicality, Lacey’s best quality as a running back is actually his body control and lateral adjustments as a runner. For a runner of his size, he’s able to shake tacklers and pick up big chunks of yards on the inside. If he can run under a 4.62, it’ll be extremely impressive for a runner with his size/power.

3. Chris Slaughter, WR, Fort Valley State
The former Auburn receiver played most of his college career at Fort Valley State, where he was both very productive and flashed his potential NFL upside thanks to his 6’3 size and his ability to win vertically. A good workout this weekend could give his number 13th overall receiver prospect out of high school some merit.

4. Stephen Young, DE, NC Central
A unique athlete at the end position, Young has a versatile skill set that should allow him to both have value inside on obvious passing downs, playing end in a 4-3 scheme, or getting work as an outside linebacker in a 3-4. Regardless, he’s a talented athlete with a natural pass rush ability, and if he can test well this weekend, he’ll get a chance in the NFL.

5. Dominic Gunn, WR, Northern Colorado
-The speedy Dominic Gunn will be battling for the fastest forty time at the BSN Showcase. With his value as a potential NFLer reliant upon his abilities as a returner (lacks route diversity), his workout numbers need to be off the charts impressive (in 4.2s?) for him to get serious NFL looks.

6. Sherman Carter, OC, Tennessee State
-In some games, Carter was just as impressive as his Tennessee State offensive line counterpart Rogers Gaine. Carter, who’s physical on the inside of the line and wins with brute force and solid hand placement, should be the best offensive lineman here, and has an outside shot at getting NFL looks.

7. Nick Elko, QB, Delaware State
-What Elko lacks in arm strength as a quarterback, he makes up for with composure, timing, and pre-snap anticipation. Working with two talented receivers this year, Elko was able to allow his playmakers to spring free and pick up yards after the catch. His short area ball placement, ability under pressure, and consistency in West Coast concepts is what gives him the edge as the Showcase’s best quarterback.

8. Tony Tatum, CB, Galludet
-Among the BSN Staff, he’s been the talk of the weekend. Expected to test as one of the best players here, both in workouts and in positional drills, Tatum has already received NFL intrigue. Guys like him is exactly what the Showcase can do for a prospect, and I’m excited to see if he lives up to the hype many who have seen him play has given him.

9. Kameron Smith, QB, Winston Salem State
-After leading one of the Division II’s best programs, the athletic, nimble and unique quarterback Smith will get a chance to show he can fit in the NFL. The question is: how? His offense was designed around him throwing vertical routes or using his athletic ability, both of which should be on display this week. But if he can test well in other drills and/or show better than expected arm strength, then he may have more than just an AFL career.

10. Ben Pister, DE, Missouri Western
-Considered by at least one member of the BSN Staff to be on an even playing field with David Bass in some games, Pister has strong hands and is a natural disrupter in the backfield. He lacks ideal size, anchor, or hand placement, but he should show off the polish and aggressiveness in drills this week.


Others to Watch
Jake Mullin, QB, McMurry
Justin Sottilare, QB, Wesley
Theron Allen Jr, RB, Faulkner
CJ Tuckett, RB, Weber State

Marquone Edmond, WR, Indianapolis
Taylor Johnson, OT, McNeese State
John Lavelle, OC, Delaware Valley

Marlon Johnson, DE, Villanova
Jimmy Daniels, DE, Alabama State
Alex Arian, LB, Old Dominion
Brandon Houston, LB, Morehouse
Joe Narcisse, LB, McNeese State
Carlos Ware, LB, Kentucky State
Malik Cromartie, CB, NC Central