Weekly Scout’s Take: January 7th Edition

Oh how the coaching carousel turns… Take a look above, you’re looking at the hottest face in NFL Coaching discussions right now.    Harbaugh seems to be the biggest prize that franchises like Carolina, San Francisco, and Miami are all chasing after.  We’ll look at who has the best chance and why. And the Playoffs […]

Weekly Scout’s Take: New Year’s Edition

The more we avoid it, the more it comes back to haunt us.    What is it, you say?    Parity.  The Playoffs will probably be as big of a dice-roll as the regular season is at this rate too.  When you think someone’s dominant, they are exposed.  This week just proved that regardless how […]

Weekly Scout’s Take: Christmas Edition

Happy Holidays to everyone!  We got some early treats last week by some of the wildest finishes we’ll see in a long time.  A holiday gift was given in Philadelphia and a bag of coal unloaded on New York. I want to shed some light on this “tight” MVP race that’s going on in the […]

NCAA Coaching Carousel: December 7th Edition

In our second installment, we get some closure on a few jobs while still two of the biggest remain. Jerry Kill gets the job in Minnesota, Kevin Wilson gets the job in Indiana, and many possible openings still remain only speculation. So, we’ll look into which coaches are the best remaining, where they might end […]

NCAA Coaching Carousel: December 3rd Edition

In the first installment of what will be a weekly update, I’ll rank the top coaching prospects around the country, the possible jobs they might go to, the football jobs that are open, as well as the rumored candidates and my pick for the each job. So, with only four jobs open so far, with […]

College Football Award Finalists Pick’Em

Every year towards the end of the season, people look to the Heisman trophy as the end all, be all for college football awards. But that isn’t neccessarily true. While the Heisman trophy is the most valued prize, the awards such as the Maxwell, Bednarik, and Outland trophy have very close to the same amount […]

Heisman Update: November 16th Edition

With the Cam Newton Saga being in the headlines, many voters have been giving their opinions on whether he deserves the vote. Some have said as of now, he’s still the guy. Some have said they will be cautious of the situation. Some have even already thrown him off their list of potentials. But with […]

BCS Embarrassment: The Big East is the Real Problem with the BCS

Judging by the title, you can tell that I’m not the biggest BCS supporter. I don’t mind the system of ranking teams, and I think sometimes the computers are actually more accurate than human voters. But having the fate of college football rested in “rankings” is just not smart. Along with that, the fact that […]

Weekly Scouts Take: November 18th Edition

It’s official.  Any team that thinks they might be the best in the NFL, prepare for them to lose the following week.  The parity of this season is unlike any other, and it claimed a couple victims this week.  We take a look at some of the coaches right now whose seats are getting hotter […]

Great Debate: NFL Mid-Season Awards

This is the year of the Cowboys. Brett Favre will get one more chance at a Super Bowl. Ryan Matthews will make Chargers fans forget LT. The Rams are still two to three years from competing. The Eagles will miss Donovan McNabb. Those pre-season predictions were almost considered guarenteed expectations for the season. But these […]

Weekly Scout’s Take: November 11th Edition

It’s funny, even when the Dallas Cowboys are doing horrible and shouldn’t be the main face of the media, they somehow find a way to drop a bombshell to bring the cameras back to big D. The first victim in the coaching group of 2010 has been claimed and why it actually worked out better […]

Weekly Scout’s Take: November 4th Edition

As we approach the midseason and the good teams finally start to show their colors, we look at early candidates for the MVP award along with a few other awards as well.  A QB controversy is brewing even worse in Washington than initially expected, as well as some surprise cuts and pickups that could shape […]

Weekly Scouts Take: Oct 28th Edition

One team’s season ended right after another team’s season had began a week earlier.  It’s sad to see the competitiveness in the NFC is so weak, but some teams are slowly emerging by the halfway point.  The league’s impact on heavy hits seems to have had an immediate effect, but its impact on proper officiating […]

Offensive Line Tells an Interesting Story For Year Thus Far

I’ve tried to say, to whoever would listen, that the easiest way to see if a team will be good the following year or come playoff time is to look at how the offensive line is playing.   Most NFL quarterbacks and running backs differ slightly in talent and skills, and it’s the talent around […]

Heisman Update: October 27th

The Heisman race this year has fluctuated along with the Top 25 and BCS rankings, which has changed wildly from week to week. However, as we get closer to the end of the season, it’s looking more and more clear which players are the cream of the crop, and I think it’s safe to say […]